Tammy’s year in review for 2022

Tammy’s year in review – 2022

January – I said farewell to my most favorite father in-law. Papa was my favorite camera buddy and partner in crime. I learned so many valuable lessons from him.
February – I received my PICC line and turned 47.
March to June 7th – I was admitted for my trache and port surgery. The longest time in the hospital. 89 days.
We hired three nurses and a cna.
July – we got to meet our son’s beautiful girlfriend.
We had a big fourth of July party with our three boys, family and friends.
August – my first sunflower bloomed that my beautiful friend Casey planted the day I arrived home from the hospital.
David and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.
September – since we lost two nurses we found a replacement and second cna.
I got to see Aerosmith with David and Nicole.
October – I can no longer breathe on my own. 100% vent dependent.
Aunt Holly drove up from Georgia to surprise me with a visit.
November – We were able to raise enough funds to donate 60 backpacks for the homeless.
We sold our van and with your help purchased a safe accessible van.
December – I was admitted in hospital for acidosis. Received Kedimean infusion.
I was able to make it to church on Christmas day and have a family gathering Christmas Eve. I was pain free the whole weekend. My parents came up for Christmas.

For 2023, I pray for comfort, less hospital visits, more adventures and time with my family.
I would like to wish you a safe and happy new year!
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