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Let’s remove the cap! Red tape.

What a day of red tape and it is still early.
Bloodwork, port change and a flea shot (our youngest used to say that ) the influenza shot didn’t go as smoothly. I should have listened to Nicole and took it in the leg. I however thought I always get in the left arm and it never hurts.
Nicole sending out messages of needle size and old lady arms and me asking the nurse to pinch. Away we go. I felt this pain before. It is my maxed out pain, the needle hit the bone and the nurse had to pull back to inject the medication.
Today at 11A.M. I finally get the harness to my wheelchair. Oh and I had a great meeting with my weight loss doctor a yearly visit that she has turned into a when you need me I’m there. So I don’t have to wait a year.
Earlier this week we are hoping that our decision to make the last nursing hours available, agency, will fill the gap we need to give David help.
We also explained safety concerns if there is just one person instead of two. I’m not going to stop fighting and trying to remove the cap for hours for those that are vent dependent or need two people at all times. #tamuraisadventure #rockinals #takingOneForTheTeamTammy #canIGetAHellYeah #nowhiteflags

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