The last day that I posted, was that the end?

The last day I posted was March 29, 2023. Nobody knew what happened because I was nowhere to be found. Well I was not online. 

So rumors started, farewell messages from strangers started coming in. I had died peacefully and earned my wings. 

Still, I didn’t respond or see these messages because I was not alive. It’s okay I message my father in law often and he has been in heaven over a year now. Something about unfinished business, comfort, and making things feel better even if the message is one sided. 

Still nothing, Saturday April 1st arrives.  David and my spirit binged several episodes of Yellowstone. Then David’s brother Adam came to visit followed by Morgan and her sweet daughter Lillian. All of a sudden the doorbell started ringing (it was broken so I could not see who was there ). Next there was laughing and does your mother know?  In comes Parker, our Marine. Who officially pulled off the best April fools joke. I ugly cried, we could not believe our eyes. It has been since July of last year since we have seen him. 

Luckily David was preparing a huge dinner. So we invited Grammy over, watched Harry Potter and they had brisket, beans, cornbread and mac n cheese. 

Sunday morning we all got ready and went to church as a family. It was wonderful. 

Early Monday morning I woke up to my speaker saying it was disconnected from my eye gaze. Well unfortunately the eye gaze hard drive died. So I had no way to communicate with anyone until Wednesday. I received a loaner device. I can honestly say it was very difficult, exhausting and I couldn’t explain anything to the people around me. Then setting up the loaner was difficult as well. 

It was not until yesterday that I took the time to read the farewell messages. The sad part is they were from strangers. I had two people check on me during the week that are close. The messages from complete strangers were so kind. Telling me how much my posts helped them get through their struggles. I must say that I love sharing because it is my way of getting through the struggles. 

So, thank you for the kind messages. I may not respond but know I have seen them. 

We have finally full staffing for the cna positions and we are meeting them today in a team meeting. 

I got approved for more nursing coverage which would add 3-5 more nurses. I am hoping to fill those shifts with an agency and I have a part time position available for a private hire. So things are looking up. 

I start to struggle, I pray hard and then I am blessed with answers. 

I will continue to praise God for his grace. 

So, I am very much alive and plan to go to church this Sunday as well. The weather is nice, my pain is being addressed, and I know I can do this. 

Next Wednesday I am going to the salon. Headlines salon, to get my hair cut for the first time in a year. It has been far too long. 

David is joining us and teaching Stephanie how to get me into the van. Then help at the salon because it is my first time going since my trach surgery so things will be a little different. 

The pictures below are of me and my guys. The four men in my life that make me want to live, that protect me and love me unconditionally. I am grateful. 

I am sick again but luckily Nicole caught it early, got a sputum culture and my pcp has ordered antibiotics. Woohoo. 

The infection will never get as bad as it did. Thank goodness. 

Well, have a wonderful day. May the sun make you smile and warm your heart. Hug your loved ones close because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. 

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