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Tamurai’s Adventure, sold worldwide, on Amazon.

Tamurai’s Adventure, sold worldwide. How exciting! Having the ability to share my ALS journey with the world.

I have had so many questions about my book being available worldwide. The answer is YES YES YES! I wanted to spread awareness across the world. I will list the countries below. Before I do, I am requesting that if you have read my book please leave a honest review, good or bad. 85% of online shoppers shop by reading the reviews. I am one of them. Also if you have purchased any swag from my shop the orders will be shipped out this week. It was my first time working with the company and I made a few mistakes which caused a shipping delay. I have fixed the problem.

Here is the list of countries where my book is available.

US Kindle Store: United States

UK Kindle Store: United Kingdom (including Guernsey, Isle of Man, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Jersey)

DE Kindle Store: Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland

FR Kindle Store: France, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg

ES Kindle Store: Andorra, Spain

IT Kindle Store: Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Switzerland

JP Kindle Store: Japan

NL Kindle Store: Netherlands

BR Kindle Store: Brazil

MX Kindle Store: Mexico

CA Kindle Store: Canada

IN Kindle Store: India

AU Kindle Store: Australia, New Zealand

Thanks for your support and reading my story. There might be a second book by next fall. We shall see. All proceeds will be going towards planning for my funeral service. I am trying to make it easier for my husband ❤️

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