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Christmas Miracle

Three weeks ago, before Christmas, I was admitted to the hospital and the first three days in icu I don’t even remember. I had acidosis in my blood. My white blood count was 20000 and blood pressure 254/104. I was in rough shape.

This past Sunday I was able to go home however the transition home was hell. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

The week up to Friday night was a roller coaster and there was a point on Friday that I thought I was going to have to go back to the hospital.

There was only one point during all of this where I wanted to give up. I fought hard and refused to believe this was it. I would pray every moment I started to feel hopeless. I just kept praying.
Now I know some do not believe in a higher power, some think my church is a cult, and some just don’t understand. Trust me I know because I was there too.
I have shared many testimonies that David and I have been blessed with and there is only one person I could thank, Jesus. Now to tell you about my weekend.

Christmas Eve I woke up feeling pain free, in fact the need for pain medication was minimal. I got to spend the day with my husband and two of our boys. At 4pm, so many pizzas arrived along with 20 family members. We played the saran ball (8 pounds ) game, then spent at least an hour shooting rubber chickens at each other. Now I can’t move or participate but witnessing the pure joy from my family made my heart so full.

After everyone left, Grammy stayed the night and watched Harry Potter with us. Even she had the best sleep in a long time. Oh yes, we also got to talk to our Marine and his sweetheart Catherine.
Christmas morning I decided I wanted to try to go to church with no expectations. I knew there could be a chance I would not make it. We opened stockings and amazing gifts. My parents even came to visit for Christmas, the first time in 27 years. It was so wonderful and I was still feeling pain free.

So David and the boys teamed up, got me in my chair and in the van. But not without saying a prayer first. I was feeling great. Before I knew it we were driving with David’s hand in mine.
Oh big deal one may say. I agree because I have not gone anywhere on purpose in months because it was so painful and hard on not just me but David too.

Finally we arrived at church and the lot was empty. David was concerned that there was no service. We got inside and parked me in my spot. I watched the church fill up just like a typical Sunday. It was amazing and I could feel the warmth and love fill the sanctuary.

Today’s message is patience and have no fear because the expectations come from God. It’s in his hands. I truly believe that these three weeks were filled with God’s grace. He helped me push through as long as I let go of the fear and worries. I’m so grateful for his blessings these two days and look forward to many more.

ALS can strip me from a lot of things but it only makes my faith stronger and my family grow stronger.
I pray this weekend was filled with love and blessings. Thank you to all of the prayer warriors and support.
Merry Christmas!

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