Thank you Asian Palace 2 – Best Broth

I’m not able to have anything orally except for thickened liquids. My most favorite is wonton broth from a local restaurant here in Bangor.
It is like a party in my mouth! I love it so much. When I had to prepare for my gastric sleeve five years ago, the liquid diet for a month, this broth was my number one staple.
Now that I have dysphagia due to ALS and my trach. I can only have thick smooth liquid so I can swallow without choking.
Thank you Tyler for making my day. I love you son!

tamuraisadventure #rockinals


About ME:

I am Tammy Michaels
From Bangor, Maine
I have 3 boys, Parker (20), Daniel (22) and Tyler (25)
I have been happily married for 24 years to my husband David.
I am a local wedding photographer who retired after 21 years.
Retired from Wayfair
I love sunflowers and snow angels
I have been a PALS (People with ALS) for 3 years, diagnosed oct 18, 2019.

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