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Fun day of waxing armpits!

What a fun day today was! 

I am loving the wax kit! My armpits, oh my, let’s just say they were starting to get out of control. Now I have never liked people touching or looking at my armpits. I was always afraid of the five o’clock shadow or being smelly. So I have had to get over it. 

Well Razors hurt, my skin is extra sensitive and everything feels exaggerated. Taste is the same. Anyhow I asked Nicole if she could wax my pits. Kaylee laughed and I could see the nervous look on Nicole’s face. Finally she agreed and Kaylee started setting up with excitement. 

Then my friend Casey arrived, she was in for a treat. Let the waxing begin. 

Nicole put the wax in my armpit like she was painting a Picasso. Now let cool, Casey and I are giving instructions on how to pull and tahhdahh smooth armpit number one. It didn’t even hurt. 

So Nicole said “I am going to do mine”,  Kaylee started giggling again, I really think she was enjoying it. She puts the wax on and Nicole coaches her on how to pull and… Whoops her hand stopped half way. By the time the armpit was hairless we were all laughing way too hard and Nicole waved the white flag. 

So finally I am waxed my other armpit and then kaylee waxed my legs.  Nicole never got her other armpit. Haha! 

Casey visited for a while. It was wonderful. 

Then we cleaned out old medication to drop off at the police station. 

We were on hold for 3 hours with a cruise line. Then I started the adventure process with team Gleason. 

Finally, I finished the schedule for the team. We have two new CNAs! I now have a team of five and hope to get three more nurses in the near future. I am so grateful. No more nurses or David being alone there will be a second hand. 

I get my haircut on Wednesday. I will make sure we get pictures of the whole process. I am looking forward to the sink. Amy gives an excellent head massage when washing my hair. Well have a wonderful evening!  

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