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The word of the day – patience


Have you ever sent an email /text that was completely taken the wrong way?
Have you been on the receiving end and your little voice read the message as rude, angry, sad or happy?

In a world like today, everything is communicated through a pc, phone, tablet, etc… Families are disconnected because it’s a internet drug that carries a lot of drama.

So here I lay with a Surface Pro typing. Thinking about the number one frustration, communication. Now it sounds like me but I can’t yell if I am angry. I could use all caps.
I am unable to explain the problem without someone thinking I have an attitude. Facial expressions maybe but if I’m in pain those are misread to. I still have my smile and the best ugly cry.
So the message I am trying to say is don’t assume, there may be an underlining problem.
Seek to understand instead of taking it personal. You are not the problem ALS is.
It happens to me a lot or I get asked a question and they leave because I type three words a minute.
So if you see someone trying to communicate take time to understand even if it is slow. Ask questions to better help.

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