Will my family ever catch a break?

Family: Enjoying late night Kenyan tea and binging the Circle with Nicole. David has influenza, hopefully he starts to feel better soon. I have wonderful sons that have stepped up to the plate and have been taking care of us both.
I have both of my nurses back and my rockstar cna. I’m still not 100%, lost about 30 pounds in the hospital so been slowly reintroducing my nutrition, which has been a challenge. Small stomach is full of gas and i have not found anything to settle it. So when I get put on the potty I suddenly deflate. It’s bad.
Please pray for my love, I think he needs the rest but with an illness is not what he needed. One month with no pay because I used up all of his paid time off from being in the hospital for more than 100 days this year.
I can’t wait to start fresh in 2023, it’s the year we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.


About ME:

I am Tammy Michaels
From Bangor, Maine
I have 3 boys, Parker (20), Daniel (22) and Tyler (25)
I have been happily married for 24 years to my husband David.
I am a local wedding photographer who retired after 21 years.
Retired from Wayfair
I love sunflowers and snow angels
I have been a PALS (People with ALS) for 3 years, diagnosed oct 18, 2019.

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