I wish I could make it stop.

I’m not her anymore
I can’t smile like her
Walk, run, hug or kiss like her
I don’t breathe freely anymore
I can’t enjoy my favorite meals.
I am not able to wrap my arms around you anymore,
Roll over and cuddle with you in bed
It doesn’t take 10 minutes for me to get; it takes us 2 hours to get me ready.
I can’t just get in the car and go; we have to bring every life saving device before leaving.
This is not the life we signed up for.
Oh how I wish it was all a bad dream.
I would do anything to make it all stop, to go back in time and freeze it.
To dance, laugh, run with you by my side.
Just one wish is all I need.
To see us happy and comfortable.
I love you, David


About ME:

I am Tammy Michaels
From Bangor, Maine
I have 3 boys, Parker (20), Daniel (22) and Tyler (25)
I have been happily married for 24 years to my husband David.
I am a local wedding photographer who retired after 21 years.
Retired from Wayfair
I love sunflowers and snow angels
I have been a PALS (People with ALS) for 3 years, diagnosed oct 18, 2019.

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