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People do not realize.

People don’t realize. Our life by far is the most difficult. I’m so grateful for all of your hard work.
I don’t think people realize exactly how much you do with no help offered except from our boys when they can. You get up at all hours of the night even when you are sick to make sure I am breathing, to clear my airway and to ease my pain. There are times you do this all in your sleep. Secretly wishing our life was different, that you had good reliable help. There is so much red tape.
People don’t realize that once you lay down the alarm goes off and you have to go to work. They don’t realize that while at work you are worrying about me and you might feel a little guilty thinking work is your break.
They don’t realize that when you are at work you are doing more than just the job you were hired for because you have pride in what you do.
People don’t realize that after a long exhausting day at work you have to rush home to relieve the nurses.
People don’t realize that the evening is not relaxing and you might be wiping my tears or my rear.
People don’t realize how much you try to make sure I am safe every second of the day.
People don’t realize that your person You married is the same in mind but physically demanding.
People don’t realize that your social life consists of doctors, nurses, social workers, and customers.
People don’t realize your home feels like a prison instead of a sanctuary.
People don’t realize that your days off are full of errands and not very relaxing.
People don’t realize that you don’t have energy to cook nor the time because your wife could be choking in the other room.
But I understand what you are going through and am doing everything in my power to make things a little less difficult.
Thank you David for loving me so much. It doesn’t go unnoticed. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you. I pray for relief and that one day you get everything you deserve. In my eyes you deserve the world and more. I love you David!

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