Meet David my rock, my best friend.

Meet David

Meet David my rock
25 years by my side
Loyal to the core
A father of three
Loves God
Works hard
He is tired
He is exhausted to the core
But this rock
Under pressure has
Become the rarest diamond.
Better than any diamond
I ever wore.
Meet David my rock
My advocate
My cheerleader
My lover
My husband
My biggest support
My diamond in the rough
Who keeps me safe
Wipes my tears
Holds me
Kisses me
Loves me
Meet David my rock
My voice
My hands
My breath in my lungs.
I’m grateful…


About ME:

I am Tammy Michaels
From Bangor, Maine
I have 3 boys, Parker (20), Daniel (22) and Tyler (25)
I have been happily married for 24 years to my husband David.
I am a local wedding photographer who retired after 21 years.
Retired from Wayfair
I love sunflowers and snow angels
I have been a PALS (People with ALS) for 3 years, diagnosed oct 18, 2019.

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