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Sunday Adventures at Charleston Church. Then off to Masons.

Well what I thought was a successful Sunday apparently was not for others.
Getting dressed went smoothly, the ride to church was great.
We were late getting to church but service was great.
Then I thought mason’s for lunch. I didn’t get to talk to anyone because my battery died when we got there.
I got a blueberry ale and sushi sliders. David pureed them in our portable blender and thickened some ale. It was very good. I even tried some tiny bites of pretzel, honey butter, pub cheese and pickled onion.
When we got home the hoyer sling was to low and folded me in half. I started leaking out of my nose and mouth. It was awful. Then the assumptions started that I didn’t have a good day. When in reality I enjoyed the day and so grateful we made it to church. Then have lunch with family and my husband.
I have decided that if I wait for the pain to be under control then I will never get out. Other great news was that I needed minimal suctioning compared to last week. That is a win. I also forced the family take a adventure photo for memory. Silly negative comments i hope will change later before I am gone.

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