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Tea Time with Tammy and a Smile.

Time is short. I’m learning that one lives longer when they live a happy life. Nicole, my nurse and great friend could see the loneliness had brought me into a very dark place of sadness and depression.
It was then we realized that maybe people don’t know it’s okay to visit. Maybe they don’t know when the time is right.
I just laid here listening to all her ideas of ways to bring that good ‘ol Tammy spirit back. She has so many ideas.
Tea Time with Tammy
Tammy’s Tasteful Tuesday (where I hold simple cooking classes )
I Wonder Wednesday
Entering my photos into contests
Bringing back ‘ The Bare Truth Project ‘
And so much more.

“Just because you’re behind a screen doesn’t mean you’re not Tammy Michaels. “
For someone who wants me to finish my book but keep me busy so I don’t. She has invested herself not just to care for me, but to help me find myself again and share it with others. She is pretty extraordinary.
So I am pretty sure there will be a theme for each day. I have two confident strong nurses Nicole and Stephanie. I have a gentle loving CNA, Kaylee and I know with their help my smile will continue to shine.
I’m hoping that after today’s segment we are able to add to the team.
Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you.

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